Working as a smaller company in a smaller economy we must be flexible and knowledgeable in ways that are alien to other players.

We offer an extensive combination of expertise and experience across a range of IT technologies with the results that our clients experience a reliable end product that is customer centred, results driven and consequently business transforming.

Our objective is that every project will open new possibilities, inspire target audiences and attract more customers to our clients.

Our consultants have more years’ experience than they care to remember. Over the course of this time span we have advised and delivered on both bespoke software developments right through to significant integration projects from WMS systems to SAP EPR systems.

We have significant expertise in the warehouse, logistics area within the healthcare and transport industries.

We help enterprises make the most of their time, money and IT infrastructure.

A scalable and reliable cloud environment is indispensable to maintain compliant and robust network and IT infrastructure in today’s changing technology landscape.

We can assist in helping you select your Cloud based IT partner & the infrastructure most appropriate to your immediate needs while not comprising on scalability.

If you don’t have some sort of disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place then you most likely will cease trading when that day eventually arrives and arrive it will.

Even with the most robust of plans you should schedule for some systems down time with a clear understanding of each step and the responsibilities required in the recovery process

We can help you draw up a robust plan which would include testing the process at regular intervals, understanding the level of downtime at each step and attempting to reduce this time at each testing instance.

When was the last time you run such a test?