Software Development

We specialise in low cost customized solutions. We pride ourselves in applying logical solutions that are engineered to deliver what the customer needs. The technologies we use are centred on rapid development and deployment.

Our experts have a broad experience delivering solutions using a variety of technologies that are practical and cost effective. They can advise on best practice and in many cases offer suggestions that will benefit the customer.

We listen to the requirements and then propose solutions that will:

  • Deliver the desired result within agreed timeframes
  • Enhance the solution by using technology/software the customer may not be aware of
  • Avoid unnecessary cost by streamlining and/or removing redundancy
  • Cost effective compared to current market trends
  • Be adaptable to changing needs and future proof the investment

As part of every project that we undertake we agree and provide a tailored delivery based on the customer’s needs that can include (but not limited to):

  • Test Environments – small scale to fully functioning
  • Implementation rollout – On site phased or big bang
  • Documentation – Functional Specification, Manuals
  • Support – As required based on Service Level Agreements.

Connecting machines, systems, solutions or partners together is a core part of integrating a business solution. Harmonising these processes to work together reduces cost and overheads and at the same time improves data accuracy and processing time.

We have experience building connections and integrating solutions for over 20 years. Our experts are bold enough to state that there is no interface solution that we cannot build. Based on this experience we can also recommend integration technologies to best fit requirements while keeping cost at a minimum. In many cases our integration solutions help avoid costly changes in external applications by using their existing capabilities.


We take full advantage of the Intersystems Caché database and it’s ability to process large volumes of data. We can take raw data in any format and carry out data transformation and either provide the data back in agreed formats and/or provide a custom reporting solution to enhance the results.

Typical implementations have included SAP master data projects taking data from legacy systems and converting it into files for loading into ERP solutions such as SAP via LSMW or web services evoking idoc structures.

ETL, Reporting.

  • Warehouse Management Systems
    End to End solutions that can run in a standalone environment or coexist with an ERP solution such as SAP. Full integration with 3rd party solutions such as Vocollect, conveyor systems, carousels automated pallet movers and VNA’s to name a few. Our solution can be designed to run on hand held devices and where possible we can work with clients to reuse their existing technology.
  • Optical Character Recognition
    Converting images to useable data that’s integrated with ERP solutions with a customised front end to manage documents. Recent projects involve turning FAX’s into orders and reconciling supplier invoices.
  • Functional websites
    Providing order entry and CRM solutions to facilitate web order taking including web payment gateways.
  • Falsified Medicines Directive
    Interfacing to the National Vaccine Database for the purpose of verification of serialised products. We have registered with the IMVO (Irish Medicines Verification Organisation) and also SecurMed the UK National Database.
  • eCommerce integration
    Establishing connections to a variety of eCommerce solutions such as WordPress and WooCommerce for the purpose of dragging down orders into an ERP/WMS system.

SLA’s for all projects big or small can be implemented to meet customers’ needs. In addition we can provide hypercare solutions to ensure the successful delivery of projects with the reassurance should situations changes we are there to provide a solution.

Hypercare  – for a defined period (weeks/months) we can provide high level support to ensure the project is a success with direct access to developers and project managers up to and including onsite support until the customers is satisfied the solution is delivering the desired results.